At our Annual Appreciation Dinner in October of 2017, Bishop Rozanski recognized several
of our hardworking deacons in the Diocese of Springfield for their many years of service.

5 Years of Ordination – Class of 2012

Deacon Norman Hannoush

10 Years of Ordination – Class of 2007

Deacon Gary Doane

Deacon Robert Esposito

Deacon Norman Grondin

Deacon Mark Kolaskinski

Deacon John Leary

Deacon Edward Shaw

appreciation-1  appreciation-2

Photos:  Bishop Rozanski with Denise Grondin, Deacon Normand Grondin and Deacon Mark Kolasinski and Elizabeth Kolasinski

20 Years of Ordination – Class of 1997

Deacon Joseph Bucci

Deacon Donald Higby

Deacon Donald Philip

Deacon David Przybylowski

Deacon Theodore Tudryn

appreciation-7  appreciation-5

appreciation-4  appreciation-6


Photos:  Bishop Rozanski with Milagros Przybylowski, Deacon David Przybylowski; Joan Higby, Deacon Donald Higby; Deacon Joseph Bucci, Kay Bucci; Lynn Philip, Deacon Don Philip and Elizabeth Tudryn and Deacon Theodore Tudryn

30 Years of Ordination – Class of 1987:

Deacon Robert Hitter


Photo:  Bishop Rozanski, Diane Hitter and Deacon Robert Hitter.

In addition, Deacons Terry O’Connell and Frederick Pelletier were both honored with a plaque to commemorate their years as diocesan deacons.  Thank you for your service and enjoy your retirement, Gentlemen!


Photo:  Helen O’Connell, Deacon Terry O’Connell and Bishop Rozanski

appreciation-9  appreciation-17

Bishop Rozanski with Carol Tourangeau, Armand Tourangeau’s Class of 1997 celebrated 20 years of Ordination; Deacon Frank Rogers addressing the group about Take and Eat Programs.

appreciation-12  appreciation-19

Deacon Roger Carrier sharing information about the Diaconate Pre-Formation year.

Thanks to all our deacons for their many years of service! It was a beautiful evening.