At our Annual Appreciation Dinner in October of 2016, Bishop Rozanski recognized several
of our hardworking deacons in the Diocese of Springfield for their many years of service.

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Photo:  Deacon Khanh Tran, Bishop Rozanski, Deacon Paul DeCarlo, Deacon Bob Digan, Maureen Digan, Deacon Odell Daniel, Cathy Daniel, Donna Rickson and Deacon Tom Rickson

Bishop Rozanski with Diane Farrell and Deacon Bob Farrell

5 Years of Ordination – Class of 2011

Deacon Odell Daniel

Deacon Paul DeCarlo

Deacon Robert Digan

Deacon Robert Farrell

Deacon Kevin McCarthy

Deacon James McElroy

Deacon George Nolan

Deacon Richard Radzick

Deacon Thomas Rickson

Deacon Khanh Tran

Deacon John Zick

10 Years of Ordination – Class of 2006

Deacon Richard Magenis


Photo:  Deacon Bill Toller, Maureen Coughlin, Deacon Leo Coughlin, Bishop Rozanski, Kathleen Ryan, Deacon Frank Ryan, Darlene Antaya and Jack Antaya

15 Years of Ordination – Class of 2001

Deacon Jack Antaya

Deacon Leo Bergeron

Deacon Leo Coughlin

Deacon Sean Mulholland

Deacon Thomas Rabbitt

Deacon Frank Ryan

Deacon Bill Toller


Photo:  Lois Rogers, Bishop Rozanski, Deacon Frank Rogers, Deacon Bernie Pellissier, Muriel Pellissier, Deacon Leon Mireault, Marie Mireault, Barbara Garde, Deacon Joe Garde and Deacon George Kozach

25 Years of Ordination – Class of 1991:

Deacon John Bledsoe

Deacon Joseph Garde

Deacon George Kozach

Deacon Leon Mireault

Deacon Bernard Pellissier

Deacon Francis Rogers

Deacon Paul Wallen

In addition, Deacons Bernie Fleury and Jim Hager were both honored with a plaque to commemorate their years as diocesan deacons. Deacons George Keator, Richard Magenis, and Richard Talbot were unable to attend, as a community we honored them for their many years as diocesan deacons.  Thank you for your service and enjoy your retirement, Gentlemen!

Bishop Rozanski with Deacon Bernie Fleury
Bishop Rozanski with Deacon
Jim Hager and Pat Hager

Special Services Awards

A special thank you to Fr. Warren Savage and Sr. Eleanor Dooley, SSJ for their hard work and wisdom they have shared with the diocesan deacons.

Fr. Warren Savage with Bishop Rozanski

Fr. Warren Savage with Bishop Rozanski receiving his retirement plaque from Bishop Rozanski.


Sr. Eleanor Dooley, SSJ with Bishop Rozanski

Sr. Eleanor Dooley, SSJ receiving her retirement plaque from Bishop Rozanski.


Class of 1983

Our evening was blessed with three of our Diocese of Springfield Diaconate pioneers;

Deacon Bernie Fleury, Deacon Bob Duval and Deacon Jim Hager.


Thanks to all our deacons for their many years of service! It was a beautiful evening.


Bishop Rozanski with Deacon Khanh Tran _fjl1083 Bishop Rozanski with Linda Rickson and Deacon Tom Rickson
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